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Latin Courses on the Natural Method
Initium:  A first Latin course on the Direct Method by R.B. Appleton and W.H.S. Jones.Primus annus: Latin Method by W.L. Paine and C.L. Mainwaring. Vocabulary  here.A Latin Primer by H.C. Nutting.A New Latin Primer by M Maxey and M.J. Fay.Latin Readers
Latin Reader by A.B. Reynolds. Easy stories for sight reading during the first year in Latin.First Latin Reader by E.C. Chickering.A First Latin Reader by H.C. Nutting. American History in simple Latin.Fabulae faciles by F. Ritchie.Fabulae virginibus puerisque narrandae aut recitandae by R.B. Appleton.Juliaby Maud Reed. Easy and enjoyable Latin readings for boys and girls.Ora martima by E.A. Sonnenschen. A Latin story for beginners, with grammar and exercises.Pro Patria by E.A. Sonnenschen. A sequel to Ora Maritima for intermediate students.Pons Tironum by R.B. Appleton and W.H.S. Jones. For upper intermediate studens.Epitome Historiae Sacrae by Ch. F. Lhomonde. For advanced students.Urbis Romae Viri Il…


Johannes Frenshemius (Johann Freinsheim), born in Ulm (Germany) in 1608, was a classical scholar and critic. After studying at the Universities of Marburg, Giessen and Strassburg, he visited France, where he remained for three years. He returned to Strassburg in 1637 and in 1647 he was named to a chair at the University of Uppsala in Sweden, and five years later he was called to Queen Christina's court in Stockholm as her personal historiographer. Eventually he left Sweden, because of the climate. In 1656 he became honorary professor at Heidelberg, where he died four years later.

Freinsheim's literary activity was chiefly devoted to the Roman historians. He first introduced the division into chapters and paragraphs, and by means of carefully compiled indexes illustrated the lexical peculiarities of each author. He is best known for his famous Supplementa to Livy and Quintus Curtius, containing the missing books written by himself in latin. He also published critical editions o…