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Cebes of Thebes (c. 430 – 350 BCE) was an Ancient Greek philosopher from Thebes remembered as a disciple of Socrates. One work, known as the Tabula (gr. Πίναξ) still survives, but it is believed to be a composition by a pseudonymous author of the 1st or 2nd century CE.

The Tablet of Cebes professes to be an interpretation of an allegorical picture of a tablet on which the whole of human life with its dangers and temptations was symbolically represented, and which is said to have been dedicated by someone in the temple of Cronus at Athens or Thebes. 

We provide you the opportunity to listen the audio-book edition of  the "Cebetis Tabula" read by Gonzalo Jerez, with the historical pronunciation, as it was read by the Greek Scholars during the Byzantine period.