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Charles François Lhomond (1727 -1794) was a French priest. He spent twenty years as an educator at the Collège du Cardinal-Lemoine in the Latin Quarter of Paris, and afterwards was professor emeritus at the University of Paris.
His most famouse works are "De viris illustribus urbis Romae" and "Epitome Historiae Sacrae", texbooks written entirely in a very elegant and clear Latin.

We provide you the opportunity to listen the audio-book edition of Lhomond's "Epitome Historiae Sacrae" read by Professor Aguirre, with the ecclesiastical pronunciation.


CLASSICS AT HOME offers the possibility of learning Latin or Greek in the comfort of your home via the internet. For further information:

The tuitions are in Latin or Greek using as auxiliary language English, French or Spanish according to the student's requirement.

The Greek course is richly rewarding as it is a means of building up vocabulary and studying grammatical aspects of the classical language starting from the variety of the language spoken today.

The classes are imparted in Greek following a methodology tracing back to the Byzantine tradition which allows the student to have an entire vision of the evolution of the language from the Classical period to present day. The ultimate objective is to be able to read and enjoy the Classics in their original language.

Nuestro objetivo es facilitar el aprendizaje de LENGUAS CLÁSICAS a todos aquellos que no puedan asistir a cursos presenciales o prefieran aprender DESDE SU HOGAR aprovechando la comodidad y el a…