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Our objective is to facilitate the learning of classical languages by all those who for various reasons cannot attend classes in person or who simply prefer to learn from their own homes, taking advantage of the ease and time savings found in learning via videoconference. We offer two types of classes: small-group classes (of 2-3 people) and individual classes.

In the Latin classes we use the books from the series LINGVA LATINA PER SE ILLVSTRATA by Professor Hans Henning Ørberg, recognized worldwide as one of the best and most efficient methods for teaching Latin. It is a course written entirely in Latin based on the contextual inductive method in which each new word or grammatical concept can be deduced from the context. The student that successfully completes the 56 chapters in the series is well prepared to fluently communicate in Latin and to comfortably read the great authors of Latin literature.

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En los cursos de latín empleamos los libr…


CLASSICS AT HOME ofrece todos los días de lunes a viernes la emisión LINGVA LATINA NOSTRA QVOTIDIANA, cinco minutos de clase de latín gratuita para todos los hispanohablantes del mundo. Se trata de una emisión en formato radiofónico para orientar y motivar a alumnos autodidactas que estén trabajando con el método LINGVA LATINA PER SE ILLVSTRATA. Además de consejos y trucos para sacar el máximo rendimiento del método, el programa ofrece ejercicios para repasar vocabulario y cantidades vocálicas y para ganar agilidad oral en latín hablado.

Nuestras clases gratuitas de latín se pueden seguir cada día de lunes a viernes a través de nuestro canal de YouTube y descargar de nuestro página de Podomatic.


Charles François Lhomond (1727 -1794) was a French priest. He spent twenty years as an educator at the Collège du Cardinal-Lemoine in the Latin Quarter of Paris, and afterwards was professor emeritus at the University of Paris.
His most famouse works are "De viris illustribus urbis Romae" and "Epitome Historiae Sacrae", texbooks written entirely in a very elegant and clear Latin.
We provide you the opportunity to listen the audio-book edition of Lhomond's "Epitome Historiae Sacrae" read by Professor Aguirre, with the ecclesiastical pronunciation.