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Latin Courses on the Natural Method
  • Initium:  A first Latin course on the Direct Method by R.B. Appleton and W.H.S. Jones.
  • Primus annus: Latin Method by W.L. Paine and C.L. Mainwaring. Vocabulary  here.
Latin Readers
  • Latin Reader by A.B. Reynolds. Easy stories for sight reading during the first year in Latin.
  • Julia by Maud Reed. Easy and enjoyable Latin readings for boys and girls.
  • Ora martima by E.A. Sonnenschen. A Latin story for beginners, with grammar and exercises.
  • Pro Patria by E.A. Sonnenschen. A sequel to Ora Maritima for intermediate students.
  • Pons Tironum by R.B. Appleton and W.H.S. Jones. For upper intermediate studens.
Audio books in Latin
  • N.J. Classical: Classical authors in Audiobook by Professor F.S. Vallejo.
  • De Bello Gallico: Caesar's Gallic War. Beautiful read and illustrated by The Prince Sterling.